Best of what I read – Week of January 6, 2014

The following are blog posts or articles I read last week that I saved (at least some part of) for future reference.

Alex Rampell – “The Rise Of Transactional Advertising”

Alex Rampell – “Why Online2Offline Commerce Is A Trillion Dollar Opportunity”

Alex Rampell – “The Power of Pull”

Alex Rampell – “Say Goodbye To The Long Tail Of Product Resellers, At Least On The Internet”

Curt Finch – “One Simple Question to Unlock Unbeatable Marketing” (Clayton Christensen Interview)

Greg Meyer – “Stop what you are doing and remove half of your product”

Chris Dixon – “Incumbents die due to irrelevance or ineptitude”

Boris Wertz – “Does your product pass the toothbrush test?”

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